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After nearly a decade of research and thousands of athletes tested, we created 4 blood panels that deliver data driven results.

Our process is simple: choose a panel that best fits your needs, locate a LabCrop near you, once your results are available we'll email you a customized report with expert analysis and recommendations.

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Gold Panel - Our Most Popular Panel


Our most informative blood test, the Gold Panel, is often referred to as the Baseline Panel or the Pre-Season Panel. This panel provides analysis of dietary and supplement needs, training tolerance, recoverability, and competition readiness. This is the information you need to lay out the perfect plan for your best season

Use this as your initial ABT test and/or yearly during the pre-season to establish baselines.

Best use: Use this as your initial ABT test and/or yearly during the pre-season to establish baselines.

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The Gold Panel

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Complete Blood Count with Differential
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Vitamin D, 25-OH
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin Free Testosterone
Total Testosterone
AthleteBloodTest.com is proud to introduce ABT Black. We heard loud and clear from our customers the need for a product whose focus is a more consultative approach and deep dive analysis of their physiology. These early customers shared a focus on their personal peak performance, their time is a premium and they enjoy white glove services.
Over the years the Bronze Panel has earned the nicknames Pre-Competition and/or Pre-Race Panel. The Bronze Panel provides a basic “systems check” of the most critical blood markers related to performance. Although the Bronze Panel does not provide many long-term recommendations, it does cover the basics to ensure you are at the top of your game for the next 6 weeks or so. The Bronze Panel does NOT require any fasting unless the Lipid Panel is selected as an add-on test.
Our Platinum Panel serves a specific purpose: define your ideal diet and nutrition for the long haul! We’ve combined genetic testing with blood testing to provide a comprehensive analysis of how your body utilizes micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) critical to your athletic performance. The Platinum Panel is comprised of our Gold Panel plus genetic testing.

Select one of our panels and complete our athlete questionnaire.

Select one of our panels and complete our athlete questionnaire.

Once ABT receives your results, your assigned clinical expert will analyze the results. Following analysis, your results and expert recommendations are put into an easy to read report. Blood test results are typically reported within 3-7 days depending on which panel is ordered. Genetic test results can take up to 3 weeks.