Science Behind – Athlete Blood Test

Athlete Blood Test is offered by Phuel Sports Science, a research entity started in 2008. In 2008-2009, we performed regularly scheduled tests on a group of 25 professional triathletes throughout the training and racing seasons. The study focused on tracking micronutrient utilization (blood levels and intracellular levels), hormones, organ enzymes, inflammatory markers, and red blood cell destruction and production rates.

Following the data acquisition period data found its way into charts and graphs. Some interesting themes were revealed. Being the sample size was small and sport specific, yet findings compelling we decided to expand our research significantly. In the following year we performed tests on over 1400 athletes. We identified several important themes; however, the single most important finding came in recognizing individual variances in micronutrient utilization, red blood cell turnover, training tolerance, and recovery. Why is this important? Because we learned that nutrition plans, supplementation, competition scheduling, and recovery plans are not a one-size-fits-all! Each athlete requires a different approach to optimizing physiology.

The focus shifted to identifying which biomarkers and which levels are most efficient and reliable in identifying the unique needs of individuals. We ran a series of projects testing everything from blood markers to intracellular markers to metabolite markers. Eventually, we developed a reliable methodology for identifying ideal ranges for an athlete based on frequency, duration, and intensity of training.

After several years of working nearly exclusively with professional and Olympic athletes it became apparent that this service needs to be made available to every athlete. Thus, Phuel Sports Science launched a testing platform called Athlete Blood Test (ABT). Phuel Sports Science remains a research and development entity.

We have taken our time in making Athlete Blood Test available. Why? Because we want to be more than just a report generating entity. We want to make sure we are giving you the most accurate and up-to-date information, as well as continue to progress sports science!

The ABT Difference

What makes ABT the most trusted blood testing service to thousands of professional and Olympic athletes? Simple, we provide much more than autogenerated reports with one-size-fits-all recommendations. Our recommendations are tailored to you and the unique physiology that occurs within you.


Comparison of your test results with ideal ranges developed by ABT based on age, gender, and frequency/duration/intensity of training. Expert review of current results, past results and Athlete Questionnaire, which contains questions targeted at identifying physiological variables unique to you.


Although the athlete ideal ranges we developed after nearly a decade of research can be (and are) used by other blood testing services, matching numbers is only half of the equation to optimizing performance for an individual. So, what is the ABT Difference? It is looking beyond only numbers. We look at you.