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Know If You’re Low‘s mission is to help female athletes preventatively know if they are low in serum ferritin (iron) so they can be their best in everything they do.

Athlete Blood Test helps athletes thrive by providing accurate and relevant biomarker data, including iron data. We’re proud to support Know If You’re Low’s mission. We believe that providing data, tools, education, and positive messaging around healthy decision making for teen athletes helps them perform better and have more fun, for a season and a lifetime.

Iron deficiency in late teen athletes is often preventable. Without a blood test, many athletes are left wondering why they aren’t performing at their best.

One of those athletes is Maya. When Maya finally figured out that low iron levels that were holding her back, her life changed forever. But Maya wasn’t satisfied just helping herself: she started Know If You’re Low, a non profit with a mission to to help female athletes preventatively know if they are low in serum ferritin (iron) so they can be their best in everything they do.

Parents and late teens ordering Know If Your Low panels should be aware that Athlete Blood Test does not provide medical advice. Our review and analysis is for athletic purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. We recommend that you share your results with your physician or health care provider, and contact them with any questions you may have regarding your health.

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You can help Know If You’re Low’s cause by signing up for a free blood test, donating to Know if You’re Low, and spreading the word.

Free Blood Test for Late Teen Athletes

Please contact us below to find out how to get your free blood test from Know If You’re Low.

    *Know If You’re Low depends on funding from donations to provide testing. Free testing availability is contingent upon current funding.

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    Spread The Word

    It all begins with an idea. One coach tells one athlete who tells one teammate who tells one friend. If you are interested in starting a Know If You’re Low Chapter at your school or for your team, please reach out to Know If You’re Low directly.

    You can also become a Know If You’re Low Ambassador.

    Eligibility: Teen athletes between the ages of 15-18 that are leaders in their local community. Must have a basic understanding of iron deficiency.

    Applicants must demonstrate leadership qualities.

    Role: Ambassadors will actively engage local sports teams, high schools, and other influencers to educate about Know If You’re Low and the importance of iron testing.

    Currently, this is a volunteer opportunity. Ambassadors are also eligible to receive three free iron tests per year.

    Become an Ambassador! Fill out an application here.

    Do you know someone who would make for a good ambassador? Nominate an Ambassador by sharing a link to the application above.

    About Athlete Blood Test

    Since 2007, Athlete Blood Test has been the leader in individualized, athlete-focused blood analysis to help athletes improve their nutrition, training, and recovery—and ultimately their performance in and enjoyment of their sport.
    How do we do it?   Over the years, we’ve reviewed blood and genetic test results from thousands of athletes.  Using this data, our athlete questionnaire, and third-party research, we’ve identified blood and genetic biomarkers predictive of performance, recovery, and training tolerance for athletes, and precision-profiled individual nutrient-related physiological tendencies.  Our proprietary algorithm, combined with a hands-on expert review of each test, identifies ideal micronutrient ranges for individual athletes based on gender, age, training, and competition frequency, duration, and intensity, and sport.  

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