Thank you for your interest in Athlete Blood Test.  We are passionate about helping athletes thrive.  Below are the most commonly asked questions about blood testing for athletes. 

Athlete Blood Test (ABT) is a blood testing service specifically designed for athletes. We look at the most important biomarkers for athletic performance. We use your biomarker profile along with information unique to you, to make actionable recommendations geared toward performance optimization.
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We currently only offer testing at LabCorp locations within the United States. If you are an international athlete and are planning a trip to the US, you can get tested at any LabCorp. We also offer $99 service in which you send us lab results from your doctor and we analyze the results. Please inquire below for more information if interested.

Any athlete who is serious about performance and curious about their training impacts on physiology. We work with both individual athletes and team sports. We test all age groups and ability levels, from high school athletes to olympians. Many athletes come to us because their performance is lacking and others want to be proactive and identify warning signs before they become a bigger problem.

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Testing schedules vary by athlete, but typically an athlete begins testing in the off season to obtain baseline measurements. The Gold Panel is best used for this purpose, and the results are used as a comparison point for future measurements later in the year.

An athlete’s second test is typically done after her first training block. This is ideal timing so we can see how that training volume has influenced her physiology in comparison to base line panels set forth in the off season.

Testing is also recommended after subsequent big training block and before key races or competitions. Four to six weeks before peak competition can usually give an athlete enough time to take any action if needed or provide reassurance his body is handling the training  load well.

Sample testing schedule:

  1. Gold Panel during off-season to obtain baseline measurements
  2. Bronze Panel after first big block of training
  3. Repeat Bronze Panel after each big block
  4. Gold Panel 4 to 6 weeks prior to peak competition

Reports are typically delivered to clients within 7 business days of having their labs drawn.

We do offer a service for $149, in which we can use your blood work from you doctor and provide analysis for athletic performance. Please use the contact us page to inquire about this service.

We typically recommend to start with a Gold Panel to use for your baseline measurement. If you are also interested in genetic testing then the Platinum Panel is right for you. After your initial test we will make a recommendation for which panel we think you should test next. Most athletes follow up with the Bronze Panel for periodic monitoring with an annual Gold Panel, but this differs by individual.

You can view all our panels here.

All our panels include:CBC, complete metabolic panel, iron, ferritin, folate, vitamin B12, Cortisol, reticulocyte, sodium, potassium, magnesium

Gold, Platinum and Black also include: Vitamin D, free testosterone, total testosterone, DHEA-S, SHBG, TSH

Platinum panel also offers genetic testing

Other biomarker can be added on: Lipid panel, C-reactive protein, uric acid,

Dietician services are also available

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Our blood panels and analysis focus solely on athletic performance, whereas your medical provider uses bloodwork to identify health issues.

ABT Blood Test

  • Evaluate for performance
  • Ranges specific to athletes
  • Recommendation to boost athletic performance
  • Driven by data specific to athletes

Medical Blood Test

  • Identify health-related problems
  • Ranges for the general population
  • Recommendations to prevent, treat and diagnose disease
  • Driven by data for the general population
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We’ve teamed up with LabCorp, a nationwide leader in clinical laboratory services. Find your local LabCorp here, by entering your address and selecting “routine lab work” as your service.  Once you have your location, visit the lab during business hours, walk-ins are welcome. Please bring your lab form that we will provide you via email after placing your order.

If you don’t live near the LabCorp location we have other options such as locating a local clinic or mobile phlebotomy. Please contact us for specific details.

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Many athletes can use their HSA account to order from Athlete Blood Test. Check the article below for full details.

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