Heather Jackson

My husband and I have always prided ourselves on leaving “no stone unturned” in my training and racing and yet we’ve been leaving out such a critical component to endurance racing. Athlete Blood Test has enabled us to actually see how my body is responding to training internally, as well as to identify areas that I can improve in my health to get the absolute best performance out of myself. Athlete Blood Test has allowed us to make smart, beneficial decisions with my training and race prep, like whether to start an altitude training block or not, as well as incorporating more of certain foods into my diet. Athlete Blood Test has already helped tremendously in my training block leading into Ironman Florida and I’m excited to see continued gains in performance next season.

  • Full name: Heather Jackson
  • A.K.A./Nicknames: HJ, Jacko
  • Hometown(s): Exeter, NH
  • Alma mater(s): Princeton University
  • Primary sport/event : triathlon, gravel
  • What you are working toward now: Ironman World Championships KONA 2022
  • Day job: triathloning 
  • Proudest athletic accomplishment: 3rd place Podium at Kona Ironman World Champs 2016 or winning Escape From Alcatraz Tri 2013
  • Facepalm/most embarrassing athletic moment: Running through the men’s change tent instead of women’s at an Ironman
  • Funny athletic moment/memory: above
  • Favorite non-athletic activity: Van life camping/traveling
  • My personal “walk up”/motivational/current theme song is….so tough! Always changing:) Currently running to Tones and I “Dance Monkey”
  • Best junk/”special” food ever created: Milk Bar
  • Favorite recipes: Anything my sister makes
  • Favorite drink/cocktail: any New Zealand Sauv Blanc in summer or IPA my brother brews in the winter
  • Secret talent: I don’t know! Haha. I can speed read. 
  • Favorite athletic/sports book OR movie: Relentless (book), Cinderella Man (movie)