Our Mission

The mission of the Athlete Blood Test is to help athletes thrive through the use of accurate, relevant, and useful biomarker data.  

Our Values

  1. Every athlete is worthy of using advanced biomarker data to achieve his or her best performance. We support athletes in all sports, of every shape and size, and every age.  The pros, elites, “just trying to finish”-ers, and weekend warriors.  Whatever it is you want to do, we’ve got you. 
  2. Every athlete is unique. Population-based (that, is generalized) insights aren’t our thing.  ABT provides data and insights tailored specifically to each athlete–it’s our secret sauce, so to speak.   
  3. Every athlete advances the science of human performance. Data for data’s sake isn’t helpful.  Our years of experience and study allow us to make data relevant and useful to advancing the science of human performance generally. Without athletes like you, that’s not possible.

Our Story