Metabolic Pro


At home – Energy expenditure and body composition (with DEXA-level accuracy) test using the gold-standard doubly labeled water technique.

It’s like having a 24-7 metabolic testing machine with you for an entire week!

See how it works in this short video.

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The Calorify package contains a customized bottle of Calorify water, essential tools for sample collection, and a box for free return shipping.

The standard Calorify analysis provides insights into your metabolic rate, physical training status, body structure, and water levels, along with tailored caloric guidelines for various objectives. You can view an example of these findings here.

Calorify PRO extends these offerings with advanced measurements tailored for sports professionals, including a comprehensive energy analysis, training endurance, and energy management. It also features a session with our experts and a bespoke strategy to reach your physique targets. An example of the PRO analysis can be found here.

Calorify Pro Sample Report