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Requirements: Athletes must be high school students aged 14 to 19 to participate. 


Know if You’re Low, in partnership with Athlete Blood Test, is proud to offer the iron panel below at no cost to the athlete.

Requirements: Athletes must be high school students age 14 to 19.

What do you get? The Know If You’re Low Panel includes the following blood markers: Iron, Ferritin, CBC, and Vitamin B12. The lab fee is also included in the Know If You’re Low Panel. Lastly, you’ll get a report with recommendations based on your blood values.

Please note that this is not a medical service, and all recommendations are for athletic performance purposes. We encourage all athletes to share their results with their medical providers.

The athlete is responsible for payment for any additional blood test at the rate listed below.

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ADD-ON TESTS (optional)

price not included in the Low if You’re Low Panel. Upgrade to our Gold Panel or Bronze Panel and get a complete sports analysis of your blood markers.

Add Genetic Testing

Detailed information can be viewed Here Find out why genetic testing is vital for athletic success. Read about it here!

45 minute phone consult

In a 45-minute 1-on-1 session, we’ll help you create an achievable action plan and discuss any questions you have about your performance and well-being. Bring your queries about blood results, nutrition, training, and recovery. Consider this a friendly chat with your very own performance scientist, ready to guide you on your path to high performance.

Registered Dietitian – Initial Consult

Meet 1-on-1 with a Registered Sports Dietitian to go over meal planning and personal fueling strategy.

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The Know if You’re Low Panel is perfect for late teen athletes.

Studies estimate that anywhere between 30 to 50% of adolescent female athletes have low serum ferritin levels. 

Male athletes also at risk: a recent study noted that 37% of male participants were deficient in ferritin

Low ferritin can lead hinder athletic performance and compromise the overall well-being of the athlete.

Included Tests:

  • Iron Markers – Four Total
  • Ferritin – stored iron
  • Complete Blood Count – looks at your red and white blood cells
  • Vitamin B12

Is fasting required?

No, but it is recommended – Blood iron levels can be influenced by recent consumption of dietary iron or supplements.

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Turn Around Time

3 to 4 business days


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