Vitamin D dosing calculator for athletes

Dosing calculator to optimize Vitamin D for athletes.

What is vitamin D?

vitamin D athletes

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone involved in many physiological processes in the body including calcium regulation and immune health.

Is Vitamin D important for athletes?

Researchers think that vitamin D plays an important role in athletic performance including muscle repair, muscle function, immune health, heart function, and bone health. For more information read What Every Athlete Should Know About Vitamin D and Vitamin D2 or D3 for athletes?

Does Vitamin D dosing for athletes differ from the general population? This question has not been answered by researchers to this point. However, anecdotical, many athletes are vitamin D deficient or struggle to achieve optimal levels of vitamin D even with supplements.

Need to check your vitamin D levels?

Many of the Athlete Blood Test panels include a vitamin D test.