Avoid the training bonk!

Published by Scott Evans on

We are very often counseling our athletes to not just test when they’re feeling symptomatic of something.  Sure we can help you identify why you’re symptomatic and what the proper coarse correction is, but we’d rather help you avoid the symptoms to begin with!

Thomas Gerlach is a Professional Triathlete who has been using ABT in this capacity for years and states this perfect, “As endurance athletes we push our bodies beyond what they are designed to do and it is important to be proactive and identify deficiencies. Too often as athletes we are reactionary and dig ourselves in to holes before we finally capitulate and seek answers. The reality is that it can take weeks, months, or even years to fix those issues. The goal of my blood testing is to stay proactive and identify minor cracks before they become holes.”

Using AthleteBloodTest.com as an early warning system has become a staple of his regiment.  He goes into great detail on his latest ABT findings and you can read first hand how he is proactively addressing deficiencies and making consistent tweaks to avoid the training crash: