Emma Spencer

Preferred job/title/role within your organization: Athlete with Raleigh Distance Project

ABT helps me understand how my iron levels are impacted as I increase my mileage throughout the season

Support Raleigh Distance Project https://raleighdistanceproject.org/rdp-store

Hometown: Winchester, MA

Alma mater: Columbia University

Primary Sport: Marathon/road racing

What you are working toward now? The US Marathon Championships! They are at the California International Marathon in Sacramento in December. The week after that, our team will be running the US Club Cross Country Championships in San Fransisco and looking to repeat our top 10 team finish from last year. It’ll be an interesting challenge to race XC a week after my marathon! I’ll also probably do a half marathon in October or November.

The athletic accomplishment I’m most proud of is…Placing 19th overall and 7th American at the 2021 Boston Marathon. To run a PR and perform better than I expected at my hometown race with my family and friends all cheering on the course was so special.

Facepalm/most embarrassing/funny athletic moment: At the United NYC Half in 2018, I was drug tested (yay, clean sport!) but didn’t have my bag or phone with me because I gave them to a friend I planned to meet post-race. In addition to having to pee in front of a USADA agent in a port-a-potty, I ended up having to borrow the phones of both the pro runner who won the race and the USADA agent processing my test in order to track down my friend.

Favorite non-athletic/sports hobby/activityCooking! I love trying new recipes.

My personal “walk-up”/motivational/current theme song is….? Never Give Up by Sia

Best junk or “treat” food ever created: I’m an ice cream person all the way!

Favorite recipes: Julia Turshen’s fancy weeknight salmon salad https://livenaturallymagazine.com/recipes/fancy-weeknight-salmon-salad/ or her stewed chickpeas https://livenaturallymagazine.com/recipes/stewed-chickpeas-with-peppers-and-zucchini/

Favorite athletic/sports book or movie: the 1997 classic Prefontaine

What apps or gadgets do you use or recommend? I’m a Strava junkie – I love their Route creation and Segment Explorer features

Personal (non-athletic) superpower OR secret talent: I’m the go-to race day hair braider for our team