Nicholas Chase

Pro Triathlete, Coach, Manager, Creator, Podcast Host…what doesn’t he do?

ABT has built a guided path towards understanding my blood markers and performance gains during the most hectic training blocks.

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  • Mission: as the REAL triathlon squad, we want to make sure we capture the ethos of adventure and talk about the hi’s and low’s associated with this lifestyle.
  • Hometown(s): Grand Blanc, Michigan
  • Primary sport/event : triathlon
  • What you are working toward now: Improving my PTO rankings, podium frequency. We will have a RTS camp early January, Pro Lanzarote training camp and age-group camps before March. There will be plenty of stressors, blocks and recovery periods to test – since it’s nonstop.
  • Proudest athletic accomplishment: 3rd Place IM Chattanooga & 2nd place 70.3 Ecuador
  • Facepalm/most embarrassing athletic moment: Forgetting important items race morning (timing chip, race suit, E-Tap batteries) – nothing else really embarrasses me…and I’m usually doing something questionable anyway.
  • Favorite non-athletic activity: Golf, Kiteboarding, camping
  • My personal “walk up”/motivational/current theme song is….When Thanos says “I am inevitable”
  • Best junk/”special” food ever created: Oreos
  • Favorite recipes: Baked General TSO’s Chicken
  • What apps or gadgets do you use or recommend?: Oura
  • Secret talent: I never get lost 
  • Favorite athletic/sports book OR movie: Endure (book) – Borg Vs McEnroe