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Since 2007, Athlete Blood Test has been the leader in individualized, athlete-focused blood analysis to help athletes improve their nutrition, training, and recovery—and ultimately their performance in and enjoyment of their sport.
How do we do it?   Over the years, we’ve reviewed blood and genetic test results from thousands of athletes.  Using this data, our athlete questionnaire, and third-party research, we’ve identified blood and genetic biomarkers predictive of performance, recovery, and training tolerance for athletes, and precision-profiled individual nutrient-related physiological tendencies.  Our proprietary algorithm, combined with a hands-on expert review of each test, identifies ideal micronutrient ranges for individual athletes based on gender, age, training, and competition frequency, duration, and intensity, and sport.  

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  • Product on sale
    Peninsula Distance Club Follow-Up
    Peninsula Distance Club Follow-Up
  • Product on sale
    Peninsula Distance Club Baseline
    Peninsula Distance Club Baseline

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    Gold Panel
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