Rebecca Mehra

Track and field

Athlete blood test has been so helpful for my injury prevention and performance the last 2 years. It has given me previously unknown information on cortisol and vitamin levels in particular that has allowed me to optimize my diet, training, and sleep in a new way.

  • A.K.A./Nicknames: Becs
  • Hometown(s): Palos Verdes, CA (Los Angeles)
  • Alma mater(s): Stanford University
  • Primary sport/event: Track and field (middle distance)
  • What you are working toward now: Racing at the Olympic Trials (June 2021)
  • Day job (if you have one): Campaign Manager for Local City Council Candidate + Special Assistant to Mayor
  • Proudest athletic accomplishment: USA 800 meter finalist 2019, 3rd 5th avenue mile 2019
  • Facepalm/most embarrassing athletic moment (bonus points for photos if you have them): Haha I have probably had a lot of these, though can’t think of one in particular…
  • Funny athletic moment/memory: Finishing the semi-final of the US Champs 800 meter to find out I had made the final (in my first year of running the event), and my soon-to-be teammate, Sadi Henderson, jumped on my back in celebration, nearly tipping me over. There are some awesome photos of this .
  • Favorite non-athletic/sports hobby/activity: Public policy 🙂 Also love reading historical fiction
  • My personal “walk up”/motivational/current theme song is…. Show Me the Money (from Step Up)
  • Best junk food ever created: Since it is October, candy corn!! S’mores are also up there.
  • Favorite recipes: I love cooking Indian food (family receipes), especially chicken curry and gobi (cauliflower). I also often make enchiladas. Love this simple recipe:
  • Favorite cocktail/drink of choice (if applicable): Cocktail- moscow mule. For everyday, I love kombucha and lattes
  • Family info: Parents and sister Monica live in Los Angeles, where I grew up. My dad is originally from India, though grew up all over the world, and my mom is from Long Island, NY.
  • Secret talent: Indian accent/speaking Hindi
  • Professional (non-athletic) superpower: public speaking! I gave the commencement speech at my graduation from Stanford
  • Personal (non-athletic) superpower: kitten tamer
  • Favorite athletic/sports book: Born to Run
  • Favorite athletic/sports movie: The Blind Side