Understand the importance of knowing your physiology and how it directly is correlated to your performance?  Listen to the expert, The Happy Athlete.

Dr. Joe Sheppard runs The Happy Athlete (http://www.thehappyathlete.net), which is a website dedicated solely for the athlete and provides reviews of various products and services that as athletes, we all use.  I would suggest you check it out and use as one of your key resources!

ABT was fortunate in that we were reviewed by The Happy Athlete for our Gold Panel.  In the article he states, “There are several key elements I like about ABT not only did it give you the necessary physiological information, explained that valuable information and made ideal dietary and nutritional recommendations that would change my blood chemistry over future testing protocols. Typically, the knowledge and information in Physician Blood testing was not explained in this extensive detail through a general practitioner office.”

For the full review, visit: http://www.thehappyathlete.net/product-reviews/fitness/athletes-blood-test-abt-review/

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