The ABT Process

Step One

Select one of our customized athlete blood panels and complete an online athlete questionnaire to capture information unique to you.

Step Two

Visit your nearest LabCorp facility (located throughout the US - click here to find one near you). At LabCorp, simply present the lab slip we send to you via email. No additional payment is necessary.

Step Three

We will analyze your blood test and deliver a customized report with action steps and detailed expert analysis.


Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Test

Our Covid-19 Nucleic Acid Amplification (NAA) test detects the presence of the underlying virus that causes Covid-19. This kit is shipped directly to you with detailed instructions. You can self-swab or bring it to a healthcare professional.

Bronze Panel

The Bronze Panel is best used as a pre-race panel for endurance athletes 6-8 weeks prior to race day, or as a systems check for team sport athletes. It covers the basics to ensure you are at the top of your game for the next 1-2 months.

Platinum Panel

The Platinum Panel combines genetic testing with blood testing to provide a comprehensive analysis of how your body utilizes micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) critical to your athletic performance.

Gold Panel

The Gold Level panel is the recommended first ABT panel and/or the perfect yearly baseline panel. This panel provides analysis of dietary and supplement needs, training tolerance, recoverability, and competition readiness.

Success Stories

Sage Canaday

Sage Canaday

Professional Runner

"As a marathon and ultra marathon runner who trains and competes in multiple high level races each year I've seen the importance of having
quantitive health data in order to optimize my training and recovery. The Athlete Blood Test has provided me with invaluable information about how my body
is working currently and over time - and how I can improve some areas of my nutrition to boost athletic performance."

Carrie Mack

Carrie Mack

Professional Runner

"Having access to Athlete Blood Test services has been hugely beneficial as an elite athlete. Monitoring my blood levels regularly helps me take advantage of certain training and recovery methods and make informed and smart decisions about my training throughout a long season or race build up."

Dr. Sarah Lesko & Lauren Fleshman

Dr. Sarah Lesko & Lauren Fleshman

Head Coaches - Littlewing Athletics

"We have found AthleteBloodTest testing to be an essential part of our evaluation, from
monitoring cortisol (stress) and red blood cell turnover markers to iron stores and nutritional

A blood test won't make an athlete perform better, but it can sure provide information
that guides effective workloads and training!"