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Nutrition Mechanic

Dina Griffin and Kristin Foreman

Getting your fueling and hydration sorted out and dialed in makes all the difference between your best day and “just the way it is.”

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Heather Jackson

Pro Triathlete

6 x Ironman Champ

Athlete Blood Test has already helped tremendously in my training block leading into Ironman Florida

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Flora Duffy


Olympic Champ

Athlete Blood Test has made the process of testing, analysis and comparing current to previous blood test data to assist my coach and I in identifying trends, all that much simpler. I’d highly recommend looking into the service they provide.

Christopher Blevins

2021 Olympian and XCC World Champion

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Karisa Nelson

Atalanta NYC, Pro Runner


(ABT) Help(s) me avoid becoming anemic, keep an eye out for overtraining at altitude, and what blood levels I could improve for better performance.

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Alex Martin

Motocross and Supercross Racer

Lizzie Bird

Pro Runner


Athlete Blood Test helps me keep track of what’s going on in my body – identifying what’s looking good and what I need to change through nutrition and supplements – as I go through different training and racing phases.

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Sage Canaday

Sage Canaday

Last year I when I was doing super high altitude Training for the Pikes Peak Marathon Athlete Blood Test results and feedback/suggestions from my panel helped me realize that I should dial back my training a bit to maximize my fitness gains.

Mary Cain

CEO and Founder of Atalanta NYC

Keegan Swenson


Sandi Nypaver

Trail Running, Co-Founder Higher Running

I’ve always had to be careful about anemia/iron, and my last Athlete Blood Test gave me great advice to try a timed-release iron supplement.

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Devon Yanko


Aoibhe Richardson

Pro Runner, Atalanta NYC

pronounced “Ee-vah”

Irish National Team

ABT have helped me dial in my nutrition and supplements to make sure I am getting the most out my training!

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Thomas Gerlach

Pro Triathlete

There is beauty in simplicity and Athlete Blood Test provides a simple but necessary service that allows me to spend more time focusing on training and less time making physical doctor appointments.

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Sara Crowley

Pro Triathlete

I travel to altitude for training camps being on top of my blood health is critical for my performance.

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Kristen Arnold

Registered Dietitian

Athlete Blood Test fills a gap in my ability to provide high-quality remote nutrition counseling services.

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Nicholas Chase

Pro Triathlete - Real Triathlon Squad

ABT has built a guided path toward understanding my blood markers and performance gains during the most hectic training blocks.

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Rebecca Mehra

Track and field

Athlete blood test has been so helpful for my injury prevention and performance the last 4 years.

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Marisa Howard

Track and Field/

Top 5 USA Steeplechaser

Athlete Blood Test has helped provided a baseline for me to work off of as I return from pregnancy/postpartum. They have been extremely helpful in explaining my lab work to me and provided information on what I need to work on.

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Victorem Performance Nutrition

Jena Brown RD, CSSD, LD

We love working with athletes of all ages and skill levels to Fuel Beyond Performance™ supporting their health and the physical activity or sport they love.

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Maddie Offstein

I really appreciated how each section of my results explained what the biomarkers represented and, if they were out of the optimal athletic performance range.

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Emma Spencer

Raleigh Distance Project


ABT helps me understand how my iron levels are impacted as I increase my mileage throughout the season

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Pedro Gomes


Athlete Blood Test offers that service for athletes, customized with the biomarkers that really matter for high performance in sports.

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Angel Piccirillo

I have never had access to this kind of information, so I think it’s going to be a really huge

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Julie-Anne Staehli

Professional Athlete

Team New Balance Boston

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Sadi Jo Henderson

Paying attention to my period and considering how my training fits into that cycle has been a new and radical concept for me.

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Madeline Strandemo

ABT gives me a comprehensive glance at what’s going on inside my body, which helps me get ahead on any issues that might affect my training and performance.

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Carrie Owen Mack

I’ve also prioritized monitoring blood levels both before heading into an altitude training stint and immediately after returning from altitude.

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Mel Lawrence

’ve had moments in training where I’ve felt off, gotten a blood test and realized I had low vitamin D or something similar and easily fixable. It’s taken the guessing out of the whys

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Mark Saroni

I love working with Athlete Blood Test to monitor my blood levels during a competitive season.

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Susan Felicissimo

Erinne Guthrie

Adam Odoski

Ultra Running

As a vegan ultra endurance athlete, ABT has significantly boosted sustainable energy reserves, improved my HRV, and improved gut health resulting in improved training performance and recovery.

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Jenny Fletcher

Half Ironman Champ

ABT is game changer so I don’t have to play the guessing game about what my body needs and what’s happening from the inside out.

Allison Saroni

Tavyn Lovitt


ABT helped me keep track of my iron deficiency issues that have threatened my distance running success for years.

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