Triathlete Training Podcast Interviews Garret Rock About Blood Monitoring for Endurance Athletes

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I recently was a guest on the Triathlete Training Podcast (, where I was interviewed on blood monitoring for the endurance athlete. We discuss why, what, how, and when.

Simply hit play on the mini player shown just above to listen. Enjoy!

Here is the preamble from the Triathlete Training website:

Blood Monitoring

Garret Rock joins the show.  Garret is an exercise physiology specialist and Doctor of Chiropractic and sports nutrition specialist.  He does blood testing for both age group and professional triathletes.  He has done over 800 blood tests on professional triathletes.

His services are available through and he works at South Pointe Clinics in Colorado.  He charges roughly $120-$170 per analysis.

During the interview he gives an example of work he has done with Liz Blatchford. Liz finished third at Ironman Hawaii in 2013.  Over the course of several weeks Liz made the following changes in her blood measurements:

Test #1
2 Weeks Later
10 Days Later
3 Weeks Later
Liz was feeling fine when she had her first blood test, but Garret noticed a folate deficiency. With his help, which included some creative smoothie recipes that included beets and other not-so-tasty ingredients, Liz was able to make significant improvements in her hemoglobin and hematocrit levels.
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