Genetic Testing for Athletes

It’s undeniable that good health is the foundation for optimal performance. Nutrients absorbed from the food you eat are what fuels your body’s processes. Your body can’t function without them, making the interdependency with nutrition inherent. Food affects everyone differently, and genetics is a big reason why.

Athletes, Fish, and Mercury: How to Strike a Balance

After going through the research, good evidence suggests the health benefits of eating seafood far outweigh the risk of mercury poisoning. You shouldn’t be afraid of eating seafood, especially if you follow the recommendations below. Nothing in life has zero risks. We always have to take on some degree of risk in our actions, and eating seafood is no different.

Juicer: The Athletes Friend

Endurance athletes demand a lot from their bodies. Hours of training depletes micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and stresses cells. Although some supplements can help replete important micronutrients, research suggests repletion through whole foods is far superior. Whole, unadulterated foods contain thousands of enzymes. At the current time, the complete role Read more…