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Q&A with Dr. A’nna Roby

Does estrogen play a role in recovery? Estrogen provides benefits during a workout that can help with recovery. For example, it prevents inflammation and limits free radical damage. This is helpful because less damage means quicker recovery from workouts. Furthermore, estrogen limits muscle damage itself, which reduces soreness. In terms […]

Get to know Dr. A’nna Roby on The Running Public Podcast

An endurance athlete, Doctor, and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Dr. A’nna joins us for a look into the way nutrition and blood testing affect our performance. We begin with general principles then progress to Anna’s specialty: female-specific nutrition and blood testing. If you are a female athlete, coach female athletes, or even just know a female athlete, the second half of this interview is now on your “must-listen” list!

ABT.she Hub

Ladies, it’s not in your head- your physiology, training, and nutrition needs change throughout the month.  It’s time to leverage this information to work smarter, not harder, for better results. The science related to training around the menstrual cycle is emerging, yet very exciting. Additionally, it is one of our […]