Athletes, Fish, and Mercury: How to Strike a Balance

After going through the research, good evidence suggests the health benefits of eating seafood far outweigh the risk of mercury poisoning. You shouldn’t be afraid of eating seafood, especially if you follow the recommendations below. Nothing in life has zero risks. We always have to take on some degree of risk in our actions, and eating seafood is no different.

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Professional running groups have become more common throughout the US since the 2000 Olympic games. The groups are located in ideal training locations throughout the US – think Boulder, Mammoth Lakes, and Eugene. They are made up of athletes that decided to uproot their lives and dedicate each day to training, improving themselves and the team around them. For a runner striving to be the best, it’s the ultimate way to commit to her craft Read more…

Make a list to help balance your life and the things you love.

Balancing What You Love

Ah, Valentine’s Day.  Whether you love it or hate it, this “Hallmark holiday” provides us all an opportunity to show or tell those around us how much we love them.  For many of us, it’s a day that reminds us to stop and spend some extra time with those loved ones. But what about every other day? Between work, school, training, kids, parents, pets, trying to eat healthy, and just life, how do you manage Read more…